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Greenz Jam - Grenada Independence Edition 2012

Greenz Jam – Grenada Independence Edition 2013


Greenz Jam - Grenada & St Lucia Independence 2014
Rum & Cruise - Grenada & St Lucia Independence 2015
Rum & Cruise - 'Summer Send Off' 2015
Rum & Cruise - 'Winter Warmer' 2015
Rum & Cruise - 'St Lucia & Grenada Ind' 2016
Rum & Cruise - 'Winter Warmer Edition' 2016
Rum & Cruise - 'Independence Edition' 2017
Rum & Cruise - 'Bun and Cheese Edition' 2017
Rock The Boat December 16th 2017
Rum & Cruise St Lucia and Grenada ind 2018
Rum & Cruise St Lucia and Grenada ind 2019
In 2009 after a period of market research, Gold Rush Promotion launched ‘Greenz Jam’ to celebrate the 35th year of Grenadian independence. Since it’s inception in 2009 Greenz Jam has been a consistently popular UK event, whilst providing a party environment like no other.
Whilst never being a 100% Soca party, Soca has always been an integral part of Greenz Jam parties. In 2012 we opted to have a joint Independence celebration for the beautiful islands of Grenada & St Lucia. The support was incredible, and as a result it is now a permanent fixture on the GOLD RUSH events calendar.
Our resident DJs are some of the very best available in UK, and continue to provide the level of quality that we think you deserve. Theme parties have also been a constant during our 9 year existence, along with RUM, CHAMPAGNE, and BRANDY giveaways!!
Be sure to check back soon for information regarding our next RUM & CRUISE.